Festival Chic

We love our music festivals. It wasn’t too long ago that Laneway made its debut in Singapore and what an amazing night it was. Seriously, listening to Yeasayer right now will never be the same as before. Taking cue from the queens of music festival, we’ve been drawing lots of inspiration from the likes of Sienna Miller and Vanessa Hudgens for their hippie and laidback style. So in no order of importance, pretty blown away by the following:

In view of this inspiration, our upcoming collection features some amazing pieces that will definitely catch the eyes of the crowd at these festivals! The key to an amazing outfit is an au naturel take on things, exuding a certain je ne sais quoi in your overall look. Always important to look like u never tried too hard, that the pieces you are wearing just kinda fall perfectly into place and ure just there to feel the music and all the love that’s going around. Last but not least, we promise your outfit will be so much more stellar with a fabulous head-dress ūüėÄ

love, j

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My Favorite Fashion Dailies – The Style Voyager & Jean Sohn

I admit! Sometimes I find it hard to rely to Western bloggers. Their statuesque, the things they wear are sometimes impossible pull off for somebody who is petite and well not  defined in certain areas. So whenever I have the chance, I go on a hunt for fashionable Asian bloggers. And I would like to introduce a few of them to you.

1. The Style Voyager

Her mother take incredible photographs of her ensembles! Hailing from Hong kong, you can spot quaint little brick streets and hints of the Chinese culture in her photos. She is a big fan of high street stores and often peppering her outfits with a few vintage finds of her own.

2. Jean Sohn

An korean artist based in America, her style is simply divine! What’s more! Her blog is often littered with recipes (I got an incredible clam pasta from her!) and places that she’s been to or is currently exploring. She has a feature called Closetvisit where she takes a sneak peek into closets of stylish women!

So there you have it! These are the Asian fashion bloggers that I stalked ever so frequently! Do share with me the bloggers that you are currently in love with? Who knows? Maybe we can exchange some of our fashion feeds?


Pictures credits to The Style Voyager and Jean Sohn

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The Great Easter Sale!

And we are BACK! Sorry for the inconsistent programming! We promise to be good from now on! In the meantime, a 20% off storewide just for you!

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IT Girl edition 1 – Elisa Nalin

When asked about an “It” girl, names like Alexa Chung and Olivia Palmero will probably ring a bell. However, I don’t see them as “It” girls. My definition of an “It” girl is someone who is not always in the limelight but you do notice her presence around the circuit. She is a fore-runner in trends – predicting what’s in and out before anyone else. Her style is quite quirky and colourful and she don’t play safe.

So, let me introduce my “It” girl -Miss Elisa Nalin. Originally from Italy, she is based in Paris for the past 9 years. She lend her styling input to various projects including Vogue, Glamour, Lula and the list goes on. Currently, a fashion editor at Crash magazine, her personal style is very cheery and colourful (note: this was way before brights came back to the scene!). A master in combining the different bright colours, she graced the camera lens of¬†Garance Dore, The Selby and the lights. A delight to watch and such a source of inspiration if you just started mixing up the colours in your wardrobe.

credits: Garance Dore, Thefashionspot and carolinesmode



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Fashion Inspiration – Eternal Spring





Boy Style – Paul Smith Spring 2011

Lengths and Colours – Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2011

Mixing Prints – Rebecca Taylor Spring 2011

(Credits: NYTimes style/getty)

Eternal Spring? Why eternal spring? Cause that is predominantly the weather in Singapore (well other than summer)! Stylewise, I use to pick trendier pieces for my wardrobe when I was younger but I gravitate towards clean lines and simple but classic shapes now (which is evident in my choices above).

So let us know your spring inspirations yea! Who knows! We might have something in store for you already!


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It’s a cool summer! – Warehouse Spring Summer 2011

Such a bright and colourful collection! And so many pieces to lust over! With such prints and colours, it is definitely a breakaway from the safe sea of blacks and whites. I am in love with the purple jumpsuit! Such a collection makes me excited about summer 2011! So ladies! Let’s load up your wardrobe with bright hues and quirky prints! And get ready for Summer of 2011!


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V+L: Sunday Frenzy – Zouk Flea & Easy: Wardrobe Wipeout Edition 20 Feb 2011

See you there guys!

Psssst! We are at the members’ area!

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