Buying guide!

Hello all you beautiful people! We are so excited to announce the official launch of our very! It has been a really exciting few months for us and we are pleased to announce that our website will finally be launched! Here’s a step-by-step tutorial of how to use our website 🙂

To view our latest offerings, simply click on ‘New Arrivals’ and you will be brought to our product spread page as you see in the image below.

See something that you like? Simply click on it and you will be brought to our single product page. If you like what you see and ready to purchase it, click on the ‘Add to Cart’ tab as you see below:

You will be then redirected to our product summary page which will indicate your items in cart. Our shipping fee is priced at $2 flat for registered postage which is a real steal 🙂

Upon confirmation, you will be brought to our check-out page. It will indicate the need for you to either register an account (Let’s face it, why not? You get first hand dips on our news and happenings.); or you can choose an instant check-out for a fuss-free, no frills way of getting your favourite item:

Simply fill out your details in our instant check-out form and click on ‘Continue’

We only offer one form of postage because let’s be honest, there’s nothing more saddening than a lost parcel. And we are offering registered postage at a steal rate of just $2 per item! We provide the option of gift-wrapping service. If all looks good, simply check the box on our Terms & Conditions and you are good to go!

Choose your preferred choice of payment:

If you have chosen ‘Internet Banking’ you will be redirected to our summary page which looks like this:

If you are ready to confirm your order, click on ‘I Confirm My Order’ and you can proceed to make your transfer. After this, please reply with your transaction reference, IB nick and account number to our email –

If you choose your payment via paypal, simply click on ‘Paypal’ and you will be redirected to the Paypal website which looks like this:

Simply fill out your details and viola you’re done!

Now wasn’t that easy? 🙂

If you have any troubles, just drop us an email. We love to hear from you guys! Happy shopping and let us know what you feel about this new website!


About villains lovers

Villians Lovers is the brainchild of two fashion lovers who fight modern day clichés and loves to dream about big ideas, passionate about good wholesome 90s music, running through meadows and in love with crazy and muted colours. A strong aesthetic sense of style with an edgy outlook but still retaining softness and romance in their clothes, Villians Lovers is their way of making a statement in the fashion world. Apple is a recent college graduate who loves to do DIY projects, cook up a storm in the kitchen and believes in structured clothing, with none of that smocked-back nonsense. Jojo is a not-so recent graduate trying to make out her way in the corporate world. To her everyday is a new day for fashion experimentation. She enjoys baking, pilates, yoga and laughter. We are both daydreamers at heart but hard workers at soul. We believe in clothes that are edgy with a feminine flair. Villians Lovers aspire to offer you stylish yet affordable clothes with a penchant for quality workmanship and tailored silhouettes. Aimed to be your fashion go-to place, we hope you will take a ride with us as we kick badass butt in the fashion world. Follow us on twitter: Follow us on our blog: To feedback, please drop us a love mail at And if you want first hand dips on our latest fashion scoopouts, drop us a note on our contact page, subject it 'Mailing List' and we'll add you right on!
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