Festival Chic

We love our music festivals. It wasn’t too long ago that Laneway made its debut in Singapore and what an amazing night it was. Seriously, listening to Yeasayer right now will never be the same as before. Taking cue from the queens of music festival, we’ve been drawing lots of inspiration from the likes of Sienna Miller and Vanessa Hudgens for their hippie and laidback style. So in no order of importance, pretty blown away by the following:

In view of this inspiration, our upcoming collection features some amazing pieces that will definitely catch the eyes of the crowd at these festivals! The key to an amazing outfit is an au naturel take on things, exuding a certain je ne sais quoi in your overall look. Always important to look like u never tried too hard, that the pieces you are wearing just kinda fall perfectly into place and ure just there to feel the music and all the love that’s going around. Last but not least, we promise your outfit will be so much more stellar with a fabulous head-dress 😀

love, j


About villains lovers

Villians Lovers is the brainchild of two fashion lovers who fight modern day clichés and loves to dream about big ideas, passionate about good wholesome 90s music, running through meadows and in love with crazy and muted colours. A strong aesthetic sense of style with an edgy outlook but still retaining softness and romance in their clothes, Villians Lovers is their way of making a statement in the fashion world. Apple is a recent college graduate who loves to do DIY projects, cook up a storm in the kitchen and believes in structured clothing, with none of that smocked-back nonsense. Jojo is a not-so recent graduate trying to make out her way in the corporate world. To her everyday is a new day for fashion experimentation. She enjoys baking, pilates, yoga and laughter. We are both daydreamers at heart but hard workers at soul. We believe in clothes that are edgy with a feminine flair. Villians Lovers aspire to offer you stylish yet affordable clothes with a penchant for quality workmanship and tailored silhouettes. Aimed to be your fashion go-to place, we hope you will take a ride with us as we kick badass butt in the fashion world. Follow us on twitter: twitter.com/villains_lovers Follow us on our blog: https://villainsandlovers.wordpress.com To feedback, please drop us a love mail at feedbackvl@gmail.com And if you want first hand dips on our latest fashion scoopouts, drop us a note on our contact page, subject it 'Mailing List' and we'll add you right on!
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